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Candles and Wood

Rev. Dr. Ursula Lentine

Mickey is an exceptional Pranic Healer. I have taught many students and he is a powerful healer. The energy that flows through him is stronger than most, he is gifted and his heart is in the right place. He has left his corporate job so that he may help reduce suffering for his clients. He has been a diligent student of Pranic Healing and

Arhatic Yoga. He has taken all the classes offered. He has also pursued the arduous work of getting two of the certification courses completed, one year each.  Mickey has an engineering background, he approaches the healing modality that way, he is very thorough. Master Choa Kok Sui, the creator of this transformative healing technology was also an engineer. Mickey's deep compassion, diligent study, along with his gifts are the winning combination for his excellence.

I highly recommend him!

Abstract Background

Norma Merla

Mobility Regained! 

Experiencing a drastic change is one of the many expressions I have to say about both of my knees, which are now healed.

With torn meniscus on both knees, waking up every day with swollen joints and stiffness, was something that I was having a hard time living with. 

Combining physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and cold/hot compresses was my way of managing pain and swelling.

I reached out to Mickey and he started healings. The first time I received the notification for distance healing being started, I was super receptive and I felt the healing within 5 minutes into the session. The pain started to dissipate from my knees, the swelling disappeared, and in less than an hour, I could move again. I felt alive and with hope. Physical and psychological weight was lifted from my body and my mind.

Life has never been the same.  One day after the fourth healing I started to dance, pivot, and even did a few jumps, my heart overflowed with gratitude and so much happiness because I was able to achieve the goal of the movement.  Working with Mickey is a beautiful experience.  He listened to me and was able to identify what approach to take for my healing. Thank You GMCKS for blessing Mickey with divine power to heal my life and my body.  

I highly recommend the blessings of healing from Mickey.


Love, Light, and Power

Soothing Bell

Dr. Karen Tedeschi

I have known Mickey since his first introduction to Pranic Healing. I have watched his own healing journey unfold and his passion for aiding others develop. Mickey has a true gift for Pranic Healing, helps countless individuals, and is on the path of mastery. 

Personally, Mickey helped me when a family member had a medical emergency, providing support and consistent Pranic Healing. I know this made a massive difference in his recovery process.


Mickey is someone I would call if I am in pain or need additional support in a healing process.

Alea Hansinger

Mickey has had a significant hand in a variety of different areas of growth in my life. I came to him at first with severe emotional trauma/pain, from a very messy breakup, and through Pranic Healing he helped me bridge the gap between the chaos of resistance and the order of peace.


Since then, I’ve worked with Mickey for instances of physical pain as well. I broke my sacrum from a fall and, because of his dedication to his craft and attention to detail, the healing process was eased and the burden of pain isn’t among my most distinct memories from that life event.


What I remember best from the experience was that most of the time I felt blessed to have such competent, committed, and loving people on my team — including and especially Mickey. My work as an actor is to navigate and manipulate the emotional body, which inherently takes a toll on the physical one as well. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him on many film projects in the future. His work yields the opportunity for me to focus solely on my biggest priority on set — my craft.


I’m grateful he found Pranic Healing and I’m grateful I found him!

Balancing Rocks
Rocky Coast

Victoria Blyke

Mickey is a gifted healer who is passionate about healing.  I am surrounded by many Pranic Healers, but find Mickey’s skills, intuition and ability to feel what needs to be healed energetically far superior to many others’. 

My daughter suffered with symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection for months.  Because she was testing negative for UTI, doctors didn’t know what to prescribe or how to explain the condition. Or, for that matter, what that condition was.

I came to Mickey after many visits to doctors, to other alternative healing practitioners as well as other Pranic Healers. 


After one session with Mickey the condition disappeared!

I am thrilled that I found him.

Mary Joe Merida

Mickey is a true light worker because he brings healing and peace onto others.

I had been experiencing for months a right eye congestion and kept getting a stye eye and really bad eye infections over and over on the same eye rotating between the upper and lower lid. 

Mickey was able to do a healing session on my eye.. and even from afar.. I felt my right nostril pop open and had a drip. I immediately felt I could breathe and had a release of pressure on my eye. I messaged Mickey asking him if he had just done something not knowing if he was working on it still and to let him know what I had just experienced which was amazing! 


I was 100 percent pain free and infection free by the next morning. I was so grateful and he did mention sometimes it may take multiple sessions depending on the persons receptivity. I'm glad to have experienced relief just after one session.  

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